On The Rocks Trail Run

         On The Rocks Trail Run

At Rocky Ridge County Park, York, PA

**** Saturday, June 26, 2021 ****


16.7k Trail Run (1 Loop) - Start @ 10:30 am

33.3k Trail Run (2 Loops) - Start @ 8:30 am

50K Trail Run ( 3 Loops) - Start @ 7:00 am

Wicking t-shirt if Register by June 13, 2021

NO T-SHIRT After June 13, 2021


(packet pick up- 6:30 to 10:20 am)

 On The Rocks COVID19 Policy is following present CDC guideline's

16.7k, 33.3k or 50K Race Course Surface Description:

Rocks, Little Rocks, Some Big Rocks, Some dirt with rocks, Rocks with dirt, gravel with rocks, rocks with little rocks, few tree roots, and some groomed to grassy trail sections.

 16.7K, 33.3K or 50K Race Course Description:

The course is challenging with 4 1/2 climbs that average approx. 250 vertical ft. each which make each loop about 1350 feet.  The 16.7K is one awesome loop of trails and hills.  If you running the 33.3K run you get to do all again.  The 50k you get to do it for the third time. Check out the web page for pictures.


Runners, hikers, or walkers are welcome but you must be able to complete their course with the following cut off times.

 16.7K (10.39 miles) Race:  Must be able complete the race in 5 hours (Average 28 mins/mile)

33.3K (20.78 miles) Race:  1st Loop 3.5 hours, Complete in 7 hours (Average 20.2 mins/mile)

50K (31.17 miles) Race:  1st Loop in 2.6 hours, 2nd loop in  5.4 hours (MUST START 3rd LOOP BY 12:30pm), and  complete the 3rd loop in 8.5 hours (16.4 mins/mile)

There will be no exceptions for any participants for the 2nd loop cut off time on the 50K.

  Warning:  If you cannot run/hike on the road without tripping or stumbling this race is not for you. If you haven't done much trail-running, and are primarily a road-runner, this course will provide a very unique/difficult/breath taking experience. 

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