On The Rocks Trail Run

On The Rocks Trail Run...

...was conceived out of race director Scott Newcomer’s passion for trail running. This is Scott's first time on the other side of racing, in the directors shoes. To understand this trail run you first have to understand the runner behind it. Scott logged many hours and miles on the road before deciding to try his first trail run, Double Trouble 15-k in 2007. This is one of the many trail runs directed by Ron Horn from Pretzel City Sports. Ron is sure to bring a smile to all he meets possessing a wit and sense of humor all of his own. Within minutes of running this new and different running venue Scott was hooked. Exhilarated impressed and in awe of the challenge and the work that obviously went into the preparing of the course. As soon as he returned home he looked up what trail run he could run next. He learned that each trail run had its own uniqueness. The Conestoga Trail run under the direction of Bill Smith inspired Scott and stirred his passion more. He began to think why with so many possible locations in York why there are not trail runs hosted there.

Scott soon invited running friends and me his wife to try this new found love with him. We like him found out why he raved about these runs. They are challenging but yet at the same time give you this freedom you can’t explain. That inner child comes out you know the one we have to suppress as mature adults. It is that woo-hoo feeling as you find yourself leaping over logs and negotiating through the woods. Not to mention that first water crossing and the exhilaration that brings.

Scott loves challenges and hard work and finally with the support of friends and pushing from me he finally realized it is time. Bring it on let’s do this. We first were approached on directing an established 5k entering its 26 year Partners in the Park at Rocky Ridge. During our meeting with York Co. Parks Scott inquired and pursued his idea. Everything approved it became official. The name On The Rocks was named by our witty daughter Stevi.

More important than the race it is our desire to help others in our local community. We know the importance and caring that the running world has to raise money and donate to others. We decided there is so many people here in York Co. to help we would choose a different cause ever year. 

So we invite you to join for the this rocky trail run this year. (First one in York) Whether you are a new trail runner or a veteran to the trails don’t forget your woo-hoo and have fun stomping the trails with us.